Spilloteket is a creative democracy workshop and an educational forum that uses waste material from Jämtland's industries in all its doing and thinking. It is a creative place for dialogue, innovations and learning.


Open for everyone

0 -100 years

Creating, constructing, knitting, crafting, kneading.

Call it what you want but we arrange the places where it happens! Try new materials, try reusing, mend, patch and get inspired with others. Young and old, welcome to check out what we have

to offer in our open businesses!


For schools, Spilloteket offers creative school activities, teaching materials and continuing education for teachers. All in line with the curricula, based on Agenda 2030 and the global goals and with a focus on letting the learning permeate through hope, sustainability, creativity and participation for both students and educators. Entrepreneurship and learning for sustainable development simply.

Welcome to take part of our hopeful offers!


Companies, organizations, governments and others. We can do educations, leading processes and liven up events ... It is also smart that the services you buy in turn enable our activities for children and young people. Come in and see what we can offer you!

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How sustainable do you live? Have you ever thought about it or is it perhaps something you are thinking about every day? In fact, we Swedes relate to the question in very different ways. And regardless of your answer, it is true that we Swedes live as if there were 4.2 planets available, thus far above our actual assets.

Would you like to try to think more sustainably with others?

Then this study group is for you, your family and for your friends.