About the material

How sustainable do you really live? Have you ever thought about it or is it perhaps something you are thinking about every day? In fact, we Swedes relate to the question in very different ways. And regardless of your answer, it is true that we Swedes live as if there were 4.2 planets available, thus far above our actual assets.


Would you like to try to think more sustainably with others?


Then this study circle is for you, your family, your friends or for your youth group; Six occasions that will definitely teach you more about what you can do in everyday areas such as food, travel, consumption and energy use. Every occasion has a clear form and holds both facts and discussion and the exercises are creative and fun. The joy and the hopeful have a central place and the goal is for more people to dare to start acting more sustainably,  based on the place you are at.


The material has been produced in a collaboration between Spilloteket and Studieförbundet vuxenskolan with funds from the Allmänna arvsfonden.

How do we get started?

  • You collect some families or a number of friends who also want to think about this. If you have a group of young people, it workes out well!


  • You register via


  • You are free to log in to the material for free.


  • Then you choose tracks: FAMILY, ADULT or YOUTH


  • The family part works fine for anyone who wants a bit more playful circle, (with or without children). There you build your own playing field of recycled materials.

  • If you want a slightly more adult variant, you choose that track.

  • The youth track is adapted for different types of youth groups or groups with young adults. They assume a circle leader and come with a clear guide.

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